Inventus is managed by entrepreneurs and industry-operating veterans, with the singular goal of making new entrepreneurs successful. We’ve financed and guided over 120 founding teams in the US and India to dozens of successful IPOs or acquisitions, creating over $30 billion in aggregate wealth for founders and shareholders. Recent successes include Spotzot (acquired by Valassis), Insta Health Solutions (acquired by Practo), redBus (acquired by Naspers), ViVu (acquired by Polycom) and Sierra Atlantic (acquired by Hitachi Consulting).

We prefer backing founders who apply technology to disrupt big industries, by combining technology with services business models. While often seeming out of fashion the past few years, we have always gravitated towards entrepreneurs employing capital efficiency and proven unit economics, alongside growth strategies and big ambitions. We have particular experience and continued interest in the naturally high-margin business models – like software-as-a-service, internet marketplaces, mobile and technology enabled services – used to define new sectors or move massive portions of existing off-line markets into the global digital economy.

Operating Experience & Industry Networks

We understand the challenges new companies face, first hand, from our own operating and entrepreneurial careers. We apply a team approach with all partners helping our entrepreneurs access the full network and expertise across our firm – whether for global recruiting, customer introductions, distribution partnerships, follow-on financings or the ultimate public offerings or acquisitions. Before becoming VCs, each of us spent significant time leading and building world-class companies from their early beginnings. We strive to be the most proactive and constructive board members, earning our founders’ confidence and trust to be the first call for the hardest decisions. Our hope is that entrepreneurs will seek us out for the most constructive advice on how best to grab the opportunities, and dealing with the challenges that inevitably come along.

If you’re looking for more information regarding US venture partners for funding in the US or India, feel free to contact us directly.