Our Process

It’s no accident that we have only Partners at Inventus. We promise direct involvement of our best and most experienced, keeping things simple, frank and as meaningfully constructive as possible.

With three Partners in each fund our process is focused and expedient. We formed Inventus because we see many great companies that don’t need the typically over-sized Series A rounds other firms require for their model to work. We want the Founder’s model to work.  Our long and repeated experience is that too much venture capital, too early, works directly against the Founders’ ownership, focus, creativity, and level of success.

Innovative ideas and insights into big markets are important, but the talent and drive of the Founding team is more paramount.  So we like to get to know Founding teams early obn, collaborate and help through the early phases, and ultimate lead the post-Seed or Series A round.

Step 1: Share your Deck

Submit an overview of your business to us. Please find a mutual contact on LinkedIn etc, as that opening reference point increases priority and attention.  We’ll review your deck and let you know if a meeting makes sense.

Step 2: Meet Us

We care more about the Founding team than the idea, so an in-person meeting of ~1hour is the essential next step.  We have offices centrally located in Bangalore and Silicon Valley.  A short presentation getting right to the core of the industry problem, how you solve it, and how much better than the alternatives sets the stage.  We like to get into how you and your Founding team came to this initial product plan, how you’ve thought through pricing, and the key hires and next steps you’ve prioritized for the coming 15-20 months.  Great to bring backup slides on

  • The leadership of the company
  • Your product and preferably a demonstration
  • Your target customer and validation
  • The problem you solve for your customer
  • How you plan to reach customers
  • Competition and Industry landscape
  • Market opportunity
  • Your venture capital requirements
  • Product and Business Milestones with capital being raised

After the first meeting, we like to get back within a week or less with initial feedback and next steps.  If there is a potential fit, we’ll spend more time to better understand your Team as well as the business.

Step 3: Sign with US

With our three-person senior team and flat structure in our country specific funds, the typical “Monday partner meeting” seen at larger firms often just naturally happen along the way when we meet. All three partners in each country evaluate the Founding teams and ideas, and this sets the foundation for all of us to add value in building the company post investment.  This also speeds our process and keeps everyone focused on the key questions, not partnership logistics

Step 4: Close

The whole process to signing a term sheet typically takes 3-6 weeks, with the financing closing another 3-4 weeks after term sheet.