What we look for

This section clearly lays out the type of companies, stage  & entrepreneurs we most often get excited to back.

Profile of an Investment

  • Entrepreneur demonstrating early promise of a leader
  • Some customer validation and very early revenue
  • Services-led product businesses
  • High-growth or underserved markets
  • We avoid capital intensive companies (ex:semiconductor, pharma, biotech)

Top 4 Traits of an Entrepreneur

  1. Leadership: When times are tough, pull everybody up. Inspire others to look beyond today. When times are good, keep everybody grounded; don’t get too exuberant.
  2. Intellectual honesty: Brutal honesty is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur. You can never fall in love with your business.  If you do, you will fail to make the hard but necessary decisions. Sell the vision. Dream big. Swing for the fences. But don’t lie. The bad habit of always sugar-coating bad news can lead to the extremes of cover ups and outright lies.
  3. Rebelliousness: The desire and ability to develop new ideas that counter the norm. This means going against the grain and consequently forcing others to take a hard look at the value of the status quo.
  4. Execution intelligence: Investors pay a premium for this rare skill. For every great idea that you have, there are 10 very smart people with the same idea. What will make the difference is the ability to execute. Ideas are a dime a dozen.