We count on Kanwal and Manu to ask us the tough questions at the right time. We’re very fortunate to call Inventus a partner. Tracy Sun
Co-Founder and VP of Merchandising, Poshmark
We are creating a new category, Instahiring. Manu has been a great partner in asking the hard questions and keeping us focused. Sanjoe Jose
CEO, Talview
We approached Inventus because of their reputation, we chose them given their decisive and collaborative style. John and Kanwal bring confidence and experience that helps us make key choices thoughtfully and quickly. Bharath Rangarajan
Co-Founder & CEO of Motivo
John, Kanwal & Manu backed us when others wouldn’t. They got it quickly, providing help and support all along the way. Adrian Nazari
CEO & Founder, Credit Sesame

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We’ve been the first investors in scores of successful startups, including 7 Unicorns, two of which had multi-Unicorn IPOs in 2021.  We invest early, and with high conviction, providing as much as $3 million in Seed capital to finance the runway and resources required to attract a meaningful Series A and rapidly scale. We are coaches and collaborators, not referees. We’ve all been successful entrepreneurs with blue chip operating careers in leading Silicon Valley companies. And we have a network of 100s of Global 5000 CXOs with express interest in being customers and partners of  new companies that solve the hard problems their companies and colleagues are facing. Come work with us, and we’ll work for you.

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