Regardless of today’s hot technology or hot new business model, we select Founders first.  We strive to understand the drive and capabilities of the Founding teams, and prefer those building truly difficult innovations, unique new brands or leveraging networked distribution.  We still see “capital efficiency” as a big advantage for both Founders and investors, and gravitate towards teams employing lean startup philosophies early, while then scaling aggressively once meaningful traction emerges.  We’ve seen this work time and again to produce category defining companies with steep growth – and a Founding team that retains a big ownership stake.  We like that economic alignment.  We expect high execution and commitment, from both Founders and ourselves.

We know business software, internet marketplaces, and the last several years have been at work in deep automation technologies (ML, AI, robotics, machine vision) with companies re-inventing industries and capturing massive market potential.   These technologies combined with ubiquitous inexpensive computing creates a particularly exciting phase for innovation.  Automation is opening up vast industries where software and digital technology has at best been a rudimentary part of the operating model.

Operating Experience & a Founders’ Perspective

We’ve been entrepreneurs and builders of high growth companies.  We strive to apply the firm’s full network and expertise from the earliest stages.  Wether recruiting, customer introductions, distribution partnerships, go to market strategies, follow-on financings, acquisition negotiations and IPO preparations we’ve been through it.  We strive to be our Founders’ most pro-active and constructive collaborators – earning their trust and confidence to be the first call talking thru the hardest decisions and biggest opportunities.