What we look for

Profile of a typical Inventus Investment

  • Founder demonstrating early promise as a business leader
  • Customer validation, typically via early product or even some early revenue
  • High margin business models
  • Driving dramatic innovation and efficiency gains for large industries
  • We typically avoid capital intensive companies (ex: new semiconductor devices, biotech/pharma)

Top 4 Traits of an oustanding Entrepreneur

  1. Leadership: When times are tough – pull everybody up and inspire others to look beyond today. When times are good – keep everybody grounded and focused.
  2. Intellectual honesty: Brutal honesty is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.  Never fall in love with your business to the point of drinking your own coolaide.  Sell the vision. Dream big. Swing for the fences. But don’t ignore the challenges along the way. Sugar-coating bad news can lead to bad habits and poor execution across the company.
  3. Rebelliousness: The desire and ability to develop new ideas that counter the norm. This means going against the grain and consequently forcing others to take a hard look at the value of the status quo.
  4. Execution intelligence: Investors pay a premium for this rare skill. For every great idea there are often 10 smart teams chasing it.   More and more of the rewards go to the winner, and often the key difference is is sustained and rapid execution.